Saturday, August 14, 2010


Born: July 27, 1971

When you talk about Indonesia Jazz, it will never be completed without saying her name. Born in Batu, Malang, East Java, Indonesia 27 July 1971, she build her career in music since teenager. She become the icon of jazz in Indonesia.With her soulful and husky voice she performed in some prestigious domestic and international events. From Jazz Goes To Campus at University of Indonesia, to North Sea Festival in Denhaag.Al Jarreau, Dave Koz, Keith Martin, and the Yellowjackets has shared their the stages with her on their concerts in Indonesia. Syaharani is a multi-talented artist, succesfull as an actress in the teatre productions Nyi Dasima (2002), Gallery of Kisse (2004) and the film Garasi (2006) by Miles Production. She writes many of her compositions herself, as on The Queen's Fireworks, and has worked as a composer/lyricist for the soundtrack of several major Indonesian films. She is also a diligent author and contributes regulary to some of Indonesia's printed press, such as Kompas, Suara Pembaharuan and Tribun Batam. Currently she is working on her first book, Life Stage Delight, which will be published this year (2008).
For SIEM Festival 2008, Syaharani will contribute some of compositions from her "Magma Project Syaharani -- Electronica World Music".

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  1. Kane Lop....!!! very nice music.


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